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  Precursors of Pointillism and Pixels

Few of America's 19th-Century folk artists, many of them ordinary country dwellers, ever traveled to Paris to see Pointillist painter Georges Seurat's famous Sunday
Afternoon on the Grand Jatte (Detail left). Nor is it likely that anyone ever predicted that pixels, those tiny elements that constitute a TV picture or a computer image, would be an everyday presence in our 21st-Century lives.

Rural American hooked rug makers did not need the benefits of extensive world travel or a crystal ball.
They already knew how to create designs using small dots of color.

  Providence  HR #207
  HR #207
Working with whatever materials were available, with little or no formal training, they developed formidable skills.

Ashford Hall  HR #204
  Ashford Hall
 HR #204
Garden Mosaic  HR #329
Garden Mosaic
HR #329
Riverton  HR #403
HR #403

Carefully hooking recycled textiles into a burlap "canvas", one dot at a time, they created extraordinary floor coverings.
Home needlework, including quilting, crocheting, and knitting, offered family members the opportunity for creative expression in virtually any economic situation.

Hand-hooked rugs have been in American households since the 17th-Century. The strong graphics of vibrant geometric designs have always been especially

  Triangle Square  HR #327
  Triangle Square
  HR #327

New Preston  HR #201
New Preston
HR #201

popular as floor coverings, both in humble country homes and fancy houses as well.

Hand-hooked textiles under foot add a unique element to the household, a warmth and a presence that machine-made items simply cannot provide.

Wallingford  HR #202-A
HR #202-A

EXTRA LARGE room size hooked rugs are available in a distinctive variety of color and designs.

Area Rugs
from 3 x 5 feet
to any size.
Woodard & Greenstein, manufacturers of WOODARD WEAVE® Classic American Woven Rugs, now introduce their collection of hand hooked, room-size Area Rugs and Runners. Every design is based on a variation of a traditional antique pattern, inspired by three centuries of American hooked rugs.

Devon  HR #275
HR #275

Woodbury  HR #250
HR #250

from 5 feet long
to any length.
Dallas County  HR #203-A
Dallas County
HR #203-A

Spools  HR #302
HR #302

Savoy  HR #377-T
HR #377-T

For the entire collection, please refer to the CATALOG REQUEST page.

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