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WOVEN RUGS A selection from over 100 designs and colorways

American design reflects the character of the American people: strong, practical, versatile, straightforward, and colorful.

Our history suggests that Americans prospered by successfully combining the riches of many diverse cultures with a common sense approach to getting things done.

WOODARD WEAVE® draws upon those fundamental characteristics to revive a tradition.

Bartlett Street #327
Bartlett Street

Bradford #236

Cross Keys #262
Cross Keys

Highland Park #296
Highland Park

Our historic rug designs originated with 19th-Century Shaker, Amish, and Pennsylvania weavers. Working on hand looms, they created a splendid variety of soundly constructed flat woven carpets.

As the supply of old rugs dwindled, we began tracing the origins of historic floor coverings, reconstructing traditional weaving patterns, and rediscovering old color systems and flat weave techniques.

Stair Runners

is a triumph on stairs!
Water Mill #264
Water Mill

Brookfield #51-A
Brunswick #70

Abbey Place #263
Abbey Place
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Originally used in 19th-Century American homes as an inexpensive alternative to oriental rugs, these distinctly American floor coverings are available once again a century later, in a wide variety of colors and patterns for every decor.

Stratford #278

Geometric Checkerboard #34-L
Geometric Checkerboard

Town Square #325
Town Square

Jefferson Stripe #22-A
Jefferson Stripe

Portsmouth #290

Area Rugs and Runners

9 x 12 feet.
8 feet wide by any length.
6 feet wide by any length.
4 feet wide by any length.
27 inches wide by any length.
Custom Sizes.

Richmond #93

Each of the designs in our collection is inspired by an authentic historic pattern, hand dyed and hand-loomed in the old-fashioned way.

Cedar Hill #231
Cedar Hill

Cornwall #253

                              Photos of "Reading" Stair Runners Courtesy Colony Rug Company, Hanover, MA

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Classic American Rugs
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specialty shops and by Mail Order.
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